From Light to Heavy

Sarasota. Florida USA. Bow Mark O'DONOVAN and Shane O'DRISCOLL. Winning the A Final at the 2017 World Rowing Championships, Nathan Benderson Park. Photo by Peter Spurrier.

Ireland’s Mark O’Donovan and Shane O’Driscoll were the toast of the 2017 worlds with their high-rating heroics in the lightweight pair in Sarasota-Bradenton. Rather than defend their title, however, they have opted to move up a weight class for the rest of the quadrennial. It was either that or try unseating the O’Donovan brothers, reigning Olympic silver medalists, in the lightweight double, for Tokyo 2020. That would be a lot to ask, but so is competing as heavyweights. “We are going to lose a world championships medal each year,” said O’Driscoll, “but we hope to gain an Olympics spot.”.