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2022 World Rowing Masters Regatta Begins September 7


The 2022 World Rowing Masters Regatta takes place September 7-11.

The event is being held this year in Libourne, France on Dagueys Lake. According to World Rowing, the venue is of “Olympic dimensions with exceptional seaworthiness conditions.”

“The warm, inviting weather, the beautiful vineyards around the venue, and the local gastronomy make it one of the best locations possible for a Masters regatta – and perpetuates the great tradition of rowing in France,” Jean-Christophe Rolland said about the venue.

“To share this experience with thousands of other masters’ rowers is a real treat, and I know that it is more than what goes on, on the water. The friendships that form off the water and the activities around racing make this Masters regatta much more than rowing.”

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