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    Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Cancels 2021 Regatta

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    The 2021 Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association’s 54th annual SIRA Championship Regatta scheduled for April 18-19 on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn., has been canceled.

    In a statement posted on RegattaCentral, the SIRA Board of Directors announced the cancellation.  “The board has been attempting for weeks to determine the feasibility of conducting the event, but every news cycle over the past few days has only gotten worse,” the statement read.

    “With the growing number of programs already unable to attend because of university policies, we are not able financially to hold the regatta, and potential losses could also have an effect on the quality of the event for years to come.

    “Added to financial concerns is the well-being of attending squads, referee corps, and local volunteers.  With top experts in public health, professional sports leagues, and experienced administrators at the NCAA and other organizations taking drastic steps to cancel or suspend operations, we feel it is morally and ethically, as well as fiscally responsible to make this determination.

    “We share the disappointment of all involved, and hope to see you all at the SIRA Championships in 2022,” the statement reads.

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