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Posts published in “Drills”

Sitting Pretty

There’s little disagreement about the link between proper posture and performance, but what does correct body positioning look like? The most common description of good posture, which has the athlete…

Drills for the Double

Doubles are an enigmatic boat class. Doubles are an enigmatic boat class. Some doubles fly. Others don’t go anywhere. One of the keys to moving the double is blending styles…

Corrective Action

How do I get my athletes to fix faults they can’t feel?

A World of Hurt

Training without purpose is tough and rarely produces results. Setting a specific goal and working toward it acts as an insurance policy to keep you on point. My recommendation? Mix…

Fit and Finish

Many coaches use the term “release” to ensure their rowers understand that the stroke cycle doesn’t stop when the blades are extracted from the water, and to reinforce that the extraction is critical to the run of the boat.

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