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IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight Varsity Eight Poll, DIII 1st Varsity Eight Poll, Men’s Lightweight 1st Varsity Eight, DIII 2nd Varsity Eight Poll, Team Points


IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight Varsity 8 Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1University of California – Berkeley (11)2991
2Yale University (1)2842
3University of Washington2813
4Syracuse University2595
5Dartmouth College2406
6Princeton University2354
7Harvard University2267
8Stanford University2209
9Northeastern University2038
10Brown University19710
11University of Wisconsin17611
12Cornell University16414
13Boston University16013
14University of Pennsylvania15212
15Drexel University12615
16US Naval Academy113T-16
17Georgetown University110T-16
18Oregon State University9719
19Holy Cross8418
20Columbia University7322
21La Salle University6423
22Colgate University4921
23Temple University4620
24University of California – San Diego2424
25Gonzaga University11NR
Others Receiving Votes: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (5), Jacksonville University (2)
IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight 2nd Varsity 8 Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1University of California – Berkeley (10)2981
2Brown University (2)2862
3University of Washington2713
4Syracuse University2645
5Dartmouth College2494
6Yale University2386
7Harvard University2367
8Princeton University2208
9Northeastern University2009
10University of Pennsylvania18511
11Stanford University17710
12Boston University17012
13US Naval Academy15813
14University of Wisconsin14914
15Cornell University13815
16Temple University11119
17La Salle University9618
18Holy Cross9520
19Oregon State University8816
20Drexel University8517
21Georgetown University4921
22University of California – San Diego4322
23Gonzaga University2923
24Columbia University23NR
25St. Joseph’s University1524
Others Receiving Votes: Hobart University (14), Colgate University (9), Santa Clara University (2), Jacksonville University (2)
IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight 3rd Varsity 8 Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1University of Washington (11)275T-1
2University of California – Berkeley (1)262T-1
3Yale University2543
4Harvard University2384
5Brown University2295
6Dartmouth College214T-6
7Syracuse University201T-6
8Princeton University1958
9US Naval Academy1839
10Cornell University16010
11Boston University154T-11
12University of Pennsylvania140T-11
13Northeastern University13413
14University of Wisconsin13114
15Drexel University10315
16Holy Cross9317
17Temple University8119
18Oregon State University6416
19Hobart University5518
20Santa Clara University4820
Others Receiving Votes: University of California – San Diego (43), Gonzaga University (19), Jacksonville University (16), St. Joseph’s University (14), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2)
IRA Ten Eyck Team Points
1University of California – Berkeley2851
2University of Washington2702
3Yale University2573
4Syracuse University2435
5Dartmouth College2374
6Brown University2276
7Harvard University2257
8Princeton University2148
9Northeastern University1809
T-10Boston University15411
T-10University of Pennsylvania15410
12Cornell University15015
13University of Wisconsin14712
T-14Stanford University14114
T-14US Naval Academy14113
16Drexel University10016
17Holy Cross8518
18Oregon State University8017
19Temple University7019
20Georgetown University5620
21La Salle University5221
T-22Columbia University2926
T-22University of California – San Diego2922
24Hobart College1823
25Gonzaga University1727
T-26Colgate University1524
T-26Santa Clara University1525
28Jacksonville University629
29St. Joseph’s University328
IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight 8+ Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1Princeton (4)932
2Columbia University (6)871
3Yale University754
4Cornell University743
5Harvard University (1)695
6University of Pennsylvania587
7US Naval Academy476
8Georgetown University368
9Dartmouth College299
10Massachusetts Institute of Technology2010
11Mercyhurst University1011
IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight 2V8+ Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1Princeton (9)811
2Cornell University 672
3Harvard University (1)646
4Columbia University603
5University of Pennsylvania505
6Yale University444
7US Naval Academy337
8Georgetown University228
9Dartmouth College199
10Massachusetts Institute of Technology109
IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight Team Points Poll
RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
1Princeton University54T-1
2Columbia University 46.5T-1
3Cornell University43.53
4Yale University40.54
5Harvard University395
6University of Pennsylvania33T-6
7Georgetown University22.58
8Dartmouth College189
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology13.510
10Mercyhurst University 611

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