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Preparing to Race Again


We all look forward to the resumption of races in the months ahead. Before racing, it is wise to diminish the workload according to how competitive you expect the competition to be. In general, this reduction takes place several days before each race. Earlier in the season, incorporate more taxing workouts into the routine, During racing season, lighten your training while emphasizing speed work, the different phases of a race, starts and rate shifts.

Getting proper sleep is critical during racing season for athletes of any age, whether you are sculling or in a sweep boat. It is especially important on the “night before the night before” a race. Athletes typically don’t sleep well before a big race, so the extra rest can make a difference.

As your rate goes up, be sure you know and have time to practice the stroke rate you plan on hitting during the race. Establishing a pre-race routine also helps with preparation. This could include running through possible scenarios that might occur during a race, although ideally you would have practiced these on the water beforehand.  Make a regular practice of visualizing perfectly executed races, always with you coming out on top!

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