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Week Seven Polls Hold for Championship Racing

PRINCETON, N.J. — As athletes around the U.S. are focusing on their goals for championship racing, the USRowing’s week seven coaches poll saw very little movement, with the top five places holding steady for most of the polls.
With all of the first-place votes, the University of California maintained their ranking at number one. The Bears are preparing to face off against the second-place University of Washington at the 2017 Pac-12 Championships on Lake Natoma, Calif., this weekend. The UW men haven’t lost a race this season, aside from its losses in the first varsity eight and the freshman eight at the Cal Dual.
On the east coast, third-place Yale University will be challenging fourth-place Harvard University and fifth-place Princeton University at the 2017 Men’s Sprints (EARC) on Sunday, May 14 at Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass.
For the lightweight men, Cornell University led the field with all eight first-place votes. In second was Harvard. Yale was ranked third, and Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania rounded out the top five. Nine out of the top 10 lightweight men’s crews will be racing at the 2017 Men’s Sprints.
In the lightweight women’s poll, Stanford University held first, where they have been all season. The top-ranked Cardinal lightweight rowing program defeated No. 4 Princeton on Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J., to take the Class of 2015 Cup. Next up for Stanford is the Pacific Coast Rowing Championship on May 13 on Lake Natoma.
Second-place Harvard-Radcliffe won the varsity eight medal at the Women’s Eastern Sprints, held on Lake Quinsigamond. The University of Wisconsin finished third. Princeton and Boston University ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

Heavyweight Men

RankTeamPrevious Rank
1University of California, Berkeley (12)1
2University of Washington2
3Yale University3
4Harvard University4
5Princeton University5
6Dartmouth University6
7Northeastern University8
8Syracuse University7
9Boston University9
10Stanford University10
11Brown University11
12University of Wisconsin12
13Cornell University13
14University of Pennsylvania14
15Columbia University15
16United States Naval Academy16
17George Washington University17
18Georgetown University18
19Oregon State University19
20Florida Institute of Tech.20

Voting Coaches: Greg Hughes (Princeton), Michael Callahan (Washington), Rob Friedrich (Navy), Paul Cooke (Brown), Philip Schmehl (Marietta), Todd Kennett (Cornell), Geoff Bond (Penn), Gabe Winkler (Oregon State), Wyatt Allen (Dartmouth), Jim Barr (Holy Cross), Charley Butt (Harvard), Zach Johnson (UC San Diego), Mike Irwin (Saint Joseph’s)
Others Receiving Votes: Saint Joseph’s University, University of California San Diego, Drexel University, University of California Santa Barbara, Hobart College, College of the Holy Cross

Lightweight Men

RankTeamPrevious Rank
1Cornell University (8)1
2Harvard University2
3Yale University3
4Princeton University4
5University of Pennsylvania5
6United State Naval Academy7
7Columbia University6
8University of Delaware8
9Georgetown University9
10Dartmouth College10
11Temple University11
12Massachusetts Institute of Technology12
13Mercyhurst University13
14Purdue University14
15University of California, Berkeley15

Voting Coaches: William Boyce (Harvard), Andrew Card (Yale), Marty Crotty (Princeton), Shawn Bagnall (Navy), Lee Rumpf (Georgetown), Sean Healey (Dartmouth), Sean McKenna (Temple), Nich Lee Parker (Columbia)
Others Receiving Votes: University of California Santa Barbara, Sonoma State University, University of California Maritime, Sacramento State University

Lightweight Women

RankTeamPrevious Rank
1Stanford University (4)1
2Harvard-Radcliffe (1)2
3University of Wisconsin3
4Princeton University4
5Boston University7
6Massachusetts Institute of Technology8
7Georgetown University6
8University of Tulsa5
9University of California, Berkeley9
10Washington State University15
11Bucknell University10
12Purdue University11
13Pennsylvania State UniversityNR
14Oklahoma State University13
15University of Oregon14

Voting Coaches: Paul Rassam (Princeton), Kate Bertko (Stanford), Sarah Baker (Harvard-Radcliffe), Dusty Mattison (Wisconsin), Malcolm Doldron (BU)
Others Receiving Votes: Villanova University, Clemson University

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