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CoxOrb Platinum Review

Active Tools’ CoxOrb Platinum comes to the rowing market with a competitive and impressive product that provides an all-in-one device for coxswains. The Platinum version combines all of the necessities of a traditional coxswain amplifier with the intricate statistics and information provided by a SpeedCoach, including GPS tracking, coxswain recording, and a “check factor” function that allows the coxswain to monitor check inside the shell.

The overall functionality of the CoxOrb Platinum is similar to Nielsen-Kellerman’s popular CoxBox, with buttons that may require more time to fully understand.

It has two innovative features: a mute button and a built-in volume display that allows the coxswain to have more precision when it comes to volume control. The microphone that is included in the Platinum full package comes across with clear sound and has a dedicated ear cutout that fits nicely around the head. The Platinum version of the CoxOrb retails at $1,025 for a package that includes maintenance pack, carrying case, mounting cup, connector storage boss, and a USB cable.

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