By Rich Davis | Photo by Peter Spurrier

On the Square

The U.S. women’s quad in the final of the 2007 U.S. World Rowing Challenge on the Oklahoma City rowing course is shown here at the beginning of the catch.

All blades are square, with their bottom edges entering the water.

All blades are square, with bottom edges entering the water. Their backs are all in the same forward body angle, their arms are fully extended, and their heads are up with eyes fixed down the course. Their hands are spread two hand-widths apart. Shins are perpendicular and will drive down as the blades fully engage the water.

Blade edges touch the water together

Forward body angle are set at the same angle

Arms are fully extended, but the elbows are not locked

Heads are up and eyes are looking down the course

Hands are two hand-widths apart on the handles

Thumbs are over the end of the handles, keeping the button against the oarlock

Shins are perpendicular before the catch and will be pushed down after the blades bury in the water



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