By Rich Davis

Approach Shot

Here, U.S. single sculler Gevvie Stone is in the mid-recovery section of the stroke. She is drawing her knees up and swinging her back forward to set the forward body angle for the catch. At this point on the recovery, her arms are fully extended, but not locked. The blades are still feathered and just high enough off the water so they do not to touch the water until they are square.

At the mid-point of the recovery, her arms are fully extended, but not locked.

Gevvie’s shoulders are relaxed, her head is up, her back is swinging over the hips, and her knees are between her arms. In mid-recovery, she has positioned her upper body for the catch. Her legs will continue to move down the slide with her shoulders over her hips. Once her shins are perpendicular, she will drop the squared blades into the water and start the drive with the legs.

Arms fully extended, but elbows not locked

Hands holding the oars lightly

Thumbs on end of handles, pressing buttons against oarlocks

Knees rising to bring the shins perpendicular and the seat to catch position

Blades slightly off the water to allow clearance for squaring

Shoulders relaxed

Head up and sight down the course


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